Monday, September 25, 2023

Nyambane graduates 26 years after starting degree studies

Former popular comedian and radio presenter Walter Mong’are alias Nyambane has graduated. Nyambane has graduated 26 years after he started his studies.

Nyambane graduated from the Daystar University. “God has been faithful. Glory be to the highest. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement,” he said.

In June 2022, Nyambane was disqualified by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission from vying for president in the August 2022 General Elections over failure to meet the degree requirement.

He had lied that he had already graduated from Daystar but was unable to back up his claim with evidence.

He was seeking to contest under the Umoja Summit Party. According to documents he had submitted, Nyambane had allegedly completed his university degree in seven months.

Joy as Jalang’o graduates years after completing Form Four

The presidential aspirant, whose candidacy was revoked by IEBC over the credibility of his education credentials, and later petitioned against the ruling, has been found to have questionable academic qualifications.

The IEBC’s Dispute Resolution Committee had revealed that the Daystar University alumni apparently enrolled in the institution for seven months, starting May 10, 2021, and ending December 18, 2021, according to a transcript.



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