Friday, December 1, 2023

Nyambaria High School students chase away KCSE exam officials

Students at Nyambaria High School on Tuesday chased away KNEC exam officials over ehat they termed as harassment.

This incident happened a few days after the school principal was suspended from the examinations centre over what was alleged as exam malpractices.

The principal of Nyambaria High School Charles Onyari was allegedly suspended on Wednesday as the Centre Manager by the Teacher’s Service Commission following a recommendation from the Kenya National Examinations Council.

Onyari is reported to have only been suspended as the centre manager but not as the school principal.

According to a report that appeared on Nation, he was accused of facilitating examination irregularities at the school.

In the latest incident involving the school, he students alleged that they were being harassed by KNEC officials who had been deployed to oversee the examinations at the school for what was being seen as their involvement in exam cheating.

“There is a problem there and we are dealing with it. The students chased away some officials from the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC),” a detective was quoted by local media.

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Nyambaria High School shocked the country last year when it posted a mean score of 10.8975. In the previous KCSE 2021 the school had a mean score of 9.3086.

It had registered about 488 students, all of who scored the mean grade of C+ and above to qualify for university enrollment

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