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Online writing: Poverty landed me into my present goldmine

Online writing: I might be different from you, but certainly, there are some similarities that you will recognize between us. I am the type of person who develops acute low sugar levels (temporary) when I realize I am surviving on the last dollar. I instantly become highly irritable, waiting for anyone to cross my lines. You may think I am naturally short-tempered.

On the contrary, I am cool when my bank accounts are beaming with dollars. As I weakly strolled around the busy paths of X- University, I reached for my purse to get something to put into my mouth since I had not taken anything like food for the last three days. I was only taking energy snacks like sweets to avoid breaking the bank.

This particular day was on my second week on campus. A sense of anger swept through my face when I realized I had only 10 dollars to carry me through the entire semester while the fare back home was included. I secured a bench in the open grounds and found it wise to think around before spending anything.

After sitting for two and a half hours, nothing was adding up. I tried to reduce my budget, but it had reached the minimum. I was too hungry to stand the situation, and a thought filled my mind that sounded like the most beautiful thing I needed to hear, feel, and imagine. “You only live once. Please live best.” The thought was so convincing that I rose to my feet and headed to the restaurant to have my favourite dish.

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Along the way, I was paying attention to everything I came across with the inner pride that ”I am at last heading to take my favourite dish.” This time I had much energy from having some French rice with fried chicken.

However, before I crossed the path leading to the restaurant, something caught my attention. A bunch of students was glued on the students’ noticeboard, and none was ready to leave for others to read the “Breaking News.”

Interestingly, I developed a deep sense of anxiety such that I could not leave the place until I had read the “so-important” information. After a while, the students started leaving one by one until I was left with only three on the noticeboard.

This is what the noticeboard read:

“Are you passionate about writing?

Can you write something worth being read?

We are looking for you.

Earn up to 100 dollars a week for doing what you love.

Contact us at…”

The message was too good to behold. I had my laptop and modem right in the hostel, but it was only useful for movies and surfing the internet to pass the time. Suddenly, I became rejuvenated, and food ceased to be an important factor there and then.

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I ran to the hostel to check whether my modem and laptop were still in order. Luckily enough, they were okay. I called the number I had picked on the noticeboard, and the guy was ready to get me started. However, he required me to go through some polishing to fit in the writing industry.

Unfortunately, I had only 10 dollars still intact, yet he required me to pay 35 dollars to complete the online writing training. I strongly felt that this opportunity was too good to slip off. Therefore, I thought of asking two friends to lend me 15 dollars each, which I would repay in two weeks” time.

They were generous enough and granted me the request. In one week, I was very good at article writing. I requested my trainer to allow me to work first on articles, which could help me earn some cash to repay my friends.

I did very well during the first week, although speed was an issue for me, and the numerous breaks I could take for my classes. I could only handle 1500 words per day which earned me nine dollars.

I worked for only five days during that week so that I could get back to the training. Luckily, I was paid 45 dollars, to repay my friends and have some for upkeep in the coming few days.

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What was now important was that I had hope, and something big was about to happen. At the end of the first month, I was good at all forms of online writing, article writing, academic writing, and formatting.

The second month, things were tougher since C.A.T.S were now due. However, I believe that those who make it go the extra mile. Thus, I resolved to study during the day and work at night. I could, however, secure 3-4 hours to sleep.

By the end of the second month, I had reached levels far beyond myself. I managed 350 dollars, and I was excited. I was now slowly gaining financial freedom while still a student. I could wear expensive clothes and shoes and feed on healthy meals.

It is now over 12 years, and things have changed. Nothing can separate me from my goldmine. After all, I have developed a great attachment to my artwork since it has been paying me sufficiently.

I have learned the art of creating jobs other than sitting back and blaming everything around me for the misery that I might be going through. You were created with some unique artistic skills that can bring your food to the table.

You can make it too 🙂 You were born to prosper

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