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Parents puzzled as kids who’ve never scored above 300 marks get 400s in KCPE

When children sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams, parents and teachers usually have an expectation of where the children’s results will fall in.

In this year’s KCPE exams that have been marred with controversy, parents and guardians have reported being shocked by the results some of their children have returned.

A question and answer forum that was conducted by philanthropist and education sponsor Ndungu Nyoro had parents sharing the puzzling results their kids and relatives received from the Kenya National Examinations Council.

In the majority of instances, parents said that kids who had never scored above 300 marks has scored above 400 points.

“My daughter has never scored above 320. The highest she has ever scored was 320 and that’s once. She mostly used to get 250, 260, 270. She surprised us with 375 in her KCPE,” one parent told Nyoro.

Yet another parent wrote to Nyoro:

“Can someone explain how a student who has been leading from class one to class 8 becomes the last in class? Someone in all the exams have never gotten less than 400 this time round has less than 300, yet those who have been getting less than 200 all through have now scored 400, what miracle is this?”

More said;

“A person known to me confessed that her daughter had never scored anything above 300 marks. She scored an impress 402 marks in KCPE. They are all shocked by the miracles.”

“Hii story ya exam my siz-in-law’s son has never scored 300. Alipata 374 and we were like weee hii ni miracle. I pity them!”

Protest as top pupil at international school in Kitengela scores 353 in KCPE

This comes as some schools on the other end lament that their candidates have been allocated low marks unfairly. Moi Primary Kabarak School has already written a protest letter o er what they have termed as unfair scores by their candidates.

The top candidate at the school scored 374. In the second stream, the top candidate scored 340 marks.

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