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Parents, this is why having a health insurance for your children is a must

 Anytime a newborn comes into a family, the feeling of joy and happiness cannot be described. Not only are the parents of the child thrilled and overjoyed about it, but all the other family members will feel the same way. As a result of this, celebrations and ceremonies are held to celebrate the coming of the newborn.

Even as you feel delighted about the coming of your newborn, you still need to keep in mind just how important getting insurance for your child is. Children who are from the ages of 1 month going to 20 years are all considered to be dependents. The benefit that comes today is that there are covers that some insurance companies provide which do not have to include the parents of the child. What this means is that you can still be able to take up a cover for your child without necessarily having to be on that same cover. A company that is able to provide this kind of cover is APA Jamii Plus and APA Afya Nafuu. Some of the inpatients benefits that come with such a cover include:

  • Doctor fees. These typically includes any doctor-related charges which include Anesthetists surgeons, physicians and other specialists for either consultations or visits.
  • Bed charges. This will include all the expenses for your accommodation during your stay in the hospital either in the HDU, ward or the ICU. An important point to note about these charges is that they are maximums as per the annual limit net of your NHIF. An additional benefit that comes with this is that all expenses will also be covered for one parent who is staying with a child who is under the age of 8 years in the hospital.
  • This will include things like ultrasounds, lab tests, CT scans and MRI.
  • All the drugs that will be prescribed for your recovery will be covered.

The optional outpatient benefits include the following:

  • Consultation fees for physicians
  • Maximum consultation limit per visit.
  • Specialty fees even though this may be strictly on referral by a general practitioner
  • Prescription drugs for a maximum of 30 days.
  • MRI’s, X-rays, CT as well as other diagnostics tests.
  • Chronic conditions/ pre-existing/congenital conditions/HIV AIDS after a period 12 months of cover and full disclosure at the time a patient joins.
  • Physiotherapy prescribed by a general practitioner

So, why should you get a cover for your child?

There are a number of reasons as to why you should get an insurance cover for your child.

  • When children are young, they are more prone to injury.
  • Compared to adults, children tend to fall ill more often.
  • Since children tend to have a lower immune system, they are more likely to be affected by airborne viruses and colds.
  • There are a number of things that a doctor may be able to detect that you may not be aware of.

An important point to note is that even though APA Jamii Plus and APA Afya Nafuu offer the same cover, there is a bit of a difference. For instance, APA Jamii Plus has an extensive list of hospitals that you can be able to choose from as compared to APA Afya Nafuu.

Common FAQs

  • How can you get insurance for your child?

This is where Bizna comes in; we have a number of great and affordable insurance covers from APA that you can get for your child or children.  Click on the Bizna link below or contact us for free advice and a free quote.

  • Can my child be insured?

As mentioned earlier, you can get insurance for your child who is one month going to 20 years since they are considered to be dependents.

  • Can I be able to get insurance or my child only?

 Yes, as mentioned earlier, APA Jamii Plus and APA Afya Nafuu have made this possible.

  • What are the average prices when it comes to children insurance?

Considering that you take an inpatient cover with a limit of KSH 500,000 and an outpatient cover with a limit of KSH 50,000 the total cost is going to be KSH 25,343.

It is unfortunate that only a few parents tend to start planning or rather take the step to secure the health of their children at an early stage. Getting your child’s insurance cover early enough may save you a lot of stress, anxiety, and money. Also, this is one of the most effective ways of preparing for any future health challenges that you may be faced with.

At Bizna, not only are we able to make it convenient for you, but we make the process an easy one. There are a variety of payment plans that you can choose from that ensure you are able to pay easily without putting a strain on your earnings. With our experts at Afrinsure, be sure you’ll be getting the guidance that you need.

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