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List of ready markets for your poultry products and their prices

List of ready markets for your poultry products and their prices
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Poultry Market in Kenya: Poultry farming is the A game in Agribusiness. With the insatiable demand for poultry meat and products, finding a ready market is easy. The only reason you invested in poultry farming is to sell and nothing but sell. Whether small scale or large scale, your products can be as competitive in the market as the rest, when your target audience are heavy consumers of your products.

Poultry Market in Kenya: Here is a list of ready markets for poultry products

1.Cake houses and bakeries.

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The culture is changing. People have become more willing to spend on themselves and treat others out. The cake business is really becoming so popular with thousands of deliveries each day attracting more entrepreneurs in the business. This is is a very potential market for your egg products.

2. Schools and learning institution.

With the number of events being held in a month and the population that flocks in attendance, they will definitely give you a tender to be supplying chicken meat and eggs to them. Sometimes what they have is not enough and you could be the stand buy seller who makes double profits just a call away.

3. Auction Markets.

This is the best place to explore your business prowess. With plenty of buyers and sellers on this platform, placing a bid and people actually buying at very high prices you can make a  fortune. A chicken sells for as low as sh.700 and as high as sh.1500. If you walked in the market,  with ten fat chicken you go home a happy man with Sh. 15 000.

4. Wholesale, retails and supermarkets.

Selling to a third party can be really profitable for you. You don’t have to incur damages due to delivery or eggs going bad because your market is ever ready. In a month if you supply 100 trays of eggs each at 450. You make Sh. 45 000

5. Hospitals and nursing homes.

Nutritionists will argue that proteins is a key component in a balanced diet that cannot be ignored. They will tell you they will tell you that it is good for health when consumed appropriately. For the sick unlike other hard proteins eggs are easy to consume and digest. Supplying eggs to these institutions can be a good thing for your business.

6. Hotels and restaurants.

they have been the biggest consumers of poultry products. Each day these restaurants are mushrooming, creating more market for farmers in poultry. Better yet, other micro business opportunities are it. Mutura businesses are expanding their marketing using chicken legs wings and boiled potatoes to prepare a delicacy to their consumers. This is a double market for you as an entrepreneur.

7. Aspiring poultry farmers.

Without looking at the end products of investment, you can still make money by selling growing chickens to other farmers. So as soon as they are hatched, you feed them heavily so that when they are two, three months old, they have gained weight and you can sell them at a good price

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