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Rosemary Odinga opens up on her health struggles

Former Prime Minister and ODM leader Raila Odinga’s daughter Rosemary Odinga has been struggling with health issues over the past few years. In February 2022, Rosemary and her dad traveled to India where she was due for eye treatment.

Two years ago, Rosemary had announced during a church function St Peter’s ACK church in Bondo, Siaya County, that she had fully regained her eye sight which she had lost for a period of two years.

“I felt alone and had to quickly learn to use sounds and movements of people to tell who was around me. Those were the most trying moments of my life. People would see me and think I was able to see because my eyes were ‘wide open’. I am grateful for your prayers and support during those difficult times” she said.

On his part, Raila Odinga revealed how his family was forced to  move from one hospital to the another, locally and outside the country, in search of remedy.

“We  got to appoint where we nearly gave up as a family after unsuccessfully visiting many hospitals including those in Germany, China and South Africa before she was finally healed in India” he said. “Doctors in South Africa said she will never regain her sight. However, a friend introduced us to a doctor in India who used herbal medicine to help her recover.”

Ms. Rosemary Odinga was admitted in India for a month where she undertook treatment. How did her health problems begin?

In a previous interview with Citizen TV’s Victoria Rubadiri, Rosemary explained that while with her children in Naivasha, she had collapsed following constant headaches, an occurrence that saw the start of her health problems.

“I was called for breakfast and I couldn’t open the door… eventually, after knocking and opening the door, I just collapsed onto the help who was there,” she had said.

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She explained that after her collapse, her shocked daughters immediately called an ambulance to take her to Nairobi for treatment but considering the trip would have taken long, she declined.

“My older daughter ran to the clinic and they sent an ambulance which came and picked me up. Then they said we could drive to Nairobi but I said I couldn’t make it so they sent for a chopper which brought me to Nairobi,” she narrated.

Upon arrival at a hospital in Nairobi, the 41-year-old was diagnosed with aneurysm, an enlargement of an artery caused by weakness in the arterial wall and a brain tumour that was later on removed in China.

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