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Lebanese children cry bitterly in airport when bidding farewell to Kenyan nanny

A Lebanese family bid an emotional farewell to their Kenyan nanny, Rosie, over the weekend. The goodbyes left the entire airport premises in awe, admiration, and empathy.

Rosie, the Kenyan nanny who had been working in the country, sought to return to Kenya. However, the Lebanese children, reluctant to see her leave, became emotionally attached and didn’t want her to go.

Among the 5 children, two of whom are twins, Maria and Cataleya, are TikTok socialites with a massive following (1.7 million followers, 46.4 million likes).

The heartbreaking footage of them in tears was shared by their parents and resonated with social media users, leaving most in tears too.

“She will come back,” their mother kept reassuring them in the video.

Rosie, too, couldn’t hold back tears as they welled up and broke through her eyelids, streaming down her cheeks. She wiped them away while tightly holding on to the dear children she had cared for as if they were her own.

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“Thank you so much. You are a great person and one of our family members,” the children’s father commented.

The young nanny instantly became an internet sensation. Many wondered if she would consider returning to work in the country for them, a rare occurrence in such emotional departures. In Kenya, many resonated with her dedicated service and applauded her.

Pancras Karema, the CEO of Expeditions Maasai Safaris, went a step further and offered Rosie a fully paid holiday in recognition of her outstanding work ethic.

“The kids’ tears spoke volumes about their deep and priceless bond with Rozah. As Expeditions Maasai Safaris, we’re determined to recognize, honour and reward Rozah’s dedication,” he wrote in his Instagram story.

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