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I moved to Qatar as security guard, made millions in months, built mom a house

Relocating abroad, especially for work, can offer exciting prospects for the future. Sammy Lumash, a Kenyan man from Busia, took the express route to Qatar in search of greener pastures.

The young man made it his personal mission to leave home to change his family’s circumstances. He chose to dedicate himself to any job available to build a beautiful home and show appreciation to his loving mother.

In a local media interview, Lumash expressed three major goals he had when relocating to the Middle East: building a house for his mother, attaining financial stability, and exploring business opportunities.

Upon arriving in the Gulf nation of Qatar with a working permit as a security guard, Lumash soon realized that his job alone wouldn’t suffice to fulfil his dreams of building his mother a house.

“I moved to Qatar in March 2023. I decided that I wanted something bigger in my life than just being a security guard, and that is when I started getting new ideas,” he said.

“I started selling shoes to my colleagues, I got into the accommodation business to earn an extra coin and month, by month, my earnings increased.”

Courtesy of his multiple income sources, Lumash was able to swiftly realize his mother’s dream of owning a home within 6 months of arriving in Qatar. His earnings enabled him to construct a three-bedroom house for her.

“I wanted to build a one-bedroom house for her but I later decided to do a 3-bedroom instead. I also built a decent toilet for her.”

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He has also faced his fair share of challenges in Qatar. 9 months after his arrival, Sammy shared that he was fired from his security guard job.

However, by that time, he had already earned his first million by combining income from various side hustles.

“My contract was terminated in December but God opened new doors for me as I started my career as a barista here in Qatar. I had studied about being a barista during my free time. I also did a course on caregiving,” he revealed.

Sammy Lumash now works as a barista in the Middle East, while also making a kill from his side hustles.

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