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Inside Shaffie Weru’s luxurious apartment with Sh. 1.5 million insured Shoe collection

Former media personality and Head of Events at Nairobi County, Shaffie Weru, is known for his impeccable fashion sense which sets him apart from many celebrities in Kenya who opt for relatively understated styles.

In his early years, life wasn’t courteous for the renowned former Kiss Presenter. He was raised in Kibra, where local brew is a common sight. He now looks back with a smile, proud of the miles he has made in life.

Shaffie Weru, courtesy of an interview with KTN’s Art of Living Nailantei Kenga, showcased his exquisite apartment that screams modernity and luxury from the doorstep to every corner.

“I moved here 9 years ago, starting from scratch after parting ways with the mother of my children, leaving everything behind,” Shaffie noted.

In the hallway towards Shaffie’s living room, there is a collection of framed photographs on a backdrop of cream-painted walls. He explains to be the moments he cherishes in life with his beloved family and friends.

“These are my investments. These are the people who hold me down. I am who I am because of them,” he said.

One of the framed pictures revealed children, with the eldest being a daughter. Shaffie noted that his eldest child is a 19-year-old Sophomore at San Diego State University in the US.

In his living room, warm wood tones and high-quality furnishings including chocolate brown recliner seats, create a welcoming ambience.

A man of entertainment, Shaffie enjoys spending time with family and friends as attested by a large-screen TV and various entertainment gadgets in the room.

Shaffie’s living room boasts cream luxury curtains, Persian rugs, and beautiful lighting. A standout feature is his display cabinet which is filled with accolades and trophies and serves as a reminder of his legendary status in radio.

In a past interview, he shared that he took home Sh. 1 million each month as a radio presenter before getting fired in 2021. Other accolades, he says, are at the home of the mother of his children.

Shaffie’s master en-suite bedroom features a dark wooden bed adorned with red and beige striped bedding. Despite the comfort and opulence of his bedroom, Shaffie states that he spends most of his time in the living room.

Next to his master en-suite is a guest bedroom, where Shaffie proudly notes that it has hosted some of his most famous friends.

“All my friends, including the very famous ones, have slept in this room,” he said.

Yet, none of these rooms compares to the striking revelations of his shoe collection room, which stands out as the most surprising feature of his home. It’s truly a sight to behold.

“You can’t talk about my shoes until you go to their room where they sleep. When you see me in suits, just know I am not wearing anything less than Sh. 45,000 ($300),” he said.

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Shaffie explained that his passion for fashion drove him to invest in shoes, with his collection valued at around Sh. 1.5 million ($10,000). This investment prompted him to insure his apartment.

A collection that rivals some of the top boutiques in Nairobi, there are formal shoes, Chelsea boots, School shoes, Safari boots, Timberlands and hats organized on the walls, shelves and even some on the floor.

He disclosed that some of his shoes remain unworn, and he might not even notice if someone took them unless they were his favourites. With this extensive collection, he mentioned plans to donate some of the shoes.

“I’ve been to many houses but what stood out for me in this one was the pricey shoe collection and the fact that he has insured them,” Naila stated.

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