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How I started my two side businesses and turned them into success

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Side hustles in Kenya: “My name is Peris Masinde. I am a partner account manager with one of the major internet providers in Kenya. I also run two businesses on the side. I am the founder of Dreams Wedding Planner which organizes events, and the co-founder of Studio Pretty Faces, which is a distributor for House of Tara make-up products and provider of make-up artistry. It has not been an easy journey to get these two businesses where they are today. I launched them eight years ago with a combined capital of Sh. 600,000 from my savings. The wedding planning business took Sh. 100,000 while the make-up business took Sh. 500,000.

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“Both businesses germinated from my hobbies. On one hand, I loved to see a good wedding and would often help my friends and families plan theirs. Word spread that I was good at it and people started seeking my assistance. This was my ‘eureka’ moment. At the same time, a friend who was looking to venture into cosmetics asked if I could partner with them. Luckily I had pooled my savings and had ready cash to launch the two businesses almost simultaneously.

“Juggling between the two businesses and my career has not been a headache. I usually meet my events clients over the weekend while my partner in cosmetics is on the business full-time. “However, the business has not been without challenges. My main challenge has been getting ample time for my family, especially since I work throughout the week. I have not struggled with finances, perhaps because of my background in accounting. Nonetheless, the two businesses have financially complemented each other when there is increased uptake of products or services and additional capital is required. In the same vein, proceeds from the two businesses recently enabled me to venture out into agribusiness.

“Over the past eight years that I have been in business, I have learned that there is no excuse why women shouldn’t venture out of their employment or home comfort to acquire independent income. 24 hours in a day is enough if you set your mind to making that extra coin. Set eight hours for sleep, eight hours for your employer, and eight hours for you to become what you want.” Side hustles in Kenya.

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