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Total number of single rooms you can fit into a 50 by 100 plot

In Kenya’s urban areas, properties are often advertised and sold in small chunks, like 1/8th of an acre or commonly put, 50 by 100s. Most of the time, property buyers have uses and needs to extract from their plots of land.

Some might decide to set up shops or offices, while others might build homes to rent out or live in.

Any construction, including a 50 x 100 plot, is a daunting task. Constructions require patience and a forward character. If you’re pondering ways to earn from your plot, building single-room units for rent could be a profitable move.

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By building single-room units, you can turn your land into a source of rental income. The real question is: how many single rooms can fit on a 50 by 100 plot?

On an average 1/8th acre plot in Kenya, you can usually fit around 12 to 16 single rooms. The exact count depends on their size and any other structures on the property.

These single rooms will also require basic amenities like toilets, shared water taps, and pathways for tenants’ convenience.


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A smart way to lay out single rooms on a 1/8th acre plot is to build 6-8 rooms on each side, placed next to each other. This setup makes the most of the space and ensures easy access to shared facilities such as toilets and water taps.

Each cluster of 6-8 rooms will share a common washroom. A pathway should be left between the adjacent rooms to provide easy access for residents to reach their homes.


Additionally, the single rooms will share a joint gate to ensure controlled access to the compound.

Each room will have access to water through 2-3 shared taps located outside, rather than individual taps inside. This setup makes it easier for everyone to get water while making efficient use of resources.

Cost & Income

Building a single room in Kenya can cost anywhere from Sh. 300,000 to Sh. 400,000, depending on how fancy you want to go with the materials. So, if you’re planning to put up 12 of them, be ready to fork out over Sh. 3 million on average.

Every single room brings in between Sh. 3,000 to Sh. 5,000 worth of monthly rental income. With 12 single rooms, you can expect to earn an average monthly income of Sh. 40,000.

To manage the rooms, you’ll want to hire an agent or caretaker. They usually take a commission of 10%-25% from the rent collected.

Decreasing Popularity

One thing to note is that bedsitters are generally considered to be more profitable than single rooms. Nowadays, tenants often prefer bedsitters because they prefer not to share facilities like toilets or water taps.

Bedsitters are more appealing to potential tenants because they usually come with private bathrooms and personal access to water.

The attractiveness of bedsitters versus single rooms largely depends on where you’re building and the economic profile of your target tenants.

Rather than constructing 12 single rooms, consider building 8 spacious bedsitters instead. Each bedsitter could fetch over Sh. 8,000 per month in rent.

Disclaimer: This article is not sponsored by any third party. It is intended for general information purposes and neither addresses an individual’s circumstances nor should it be considered a substitute for professional advice to make decisions of any kind. Any information presented in the article and implemented is at individual risk, liability and responsibility. 

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