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Special KCPE to be held in January; KNEC admits errors in results

Over 9,000 students who missed their results in the just-released KCPE results will sit a special KCPE exam in January 2024. The affected students total 9,354.

“To ensure that no candidate from the final 2023 KCPE examination cohort misses out on Form One, the Ministry of Education will be conducting a thorough mapping of all those who may have failed to sit the examination with a view to giving them a special examination in January 2024. The indicative figure we have at the moment is 9,354candidates,” said Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu.

This comes as the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) admitted that some results had errors. This followed complainants from students who lamented that they had missed marks in some subjects or had been graded for subjects they never sat for.

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However, KNEC has stated that the errors will corrected. For instance, one candidate whose results were sampled by the meria scored English 84A, Kiswahili 29D, Kenya Sign Language, Mathematics  88A, Science 76A, and  Social Studies and Religious Education 84A, for a total of  361 marks.

In this case, only his insha marks were entered for the Kiswahili paper. Yet another student did not receive results for one paper.

Protest as top pupil at international school in Kitengela scores 353 in KCPE


This student scored English 72B, Kiswahili, Kenya Sign Language 81A, Mathematics 84A, Science 76A, and Social Studies and Religious Education 80A for a total of 393 marks.

However, this candidate never sat for the Kenya Sign Language exam. He also never received marks for his Kiswahili exam.

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