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What students eat after paying Sh. 1 million fees at St. Andrews Turi

St. Andrews Turi is an international school located in Molo, Nakuru county. It is a top-tier institution that offers high-quality education and a wide range of extracurricular activities. The school is renowned for its high tuition fees, among the highest in the country.

The school has two academic cohorts; preparatory school and senior school. The preparatory school runs from nursery to year 8, and the senior school runs from year 9 to year 13. Currently, the school has over 600 students aged between 5-18.

Why is the school expensive?

Turi boasts high-end technological resources, facilities, and highly qualified teachers and staff. The school also strongly emphasizes developing student leadership skills and fostering global citizenship.

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In addition to their academic curriculum, they offer various sports, music, art, and other cultural activities that help create an environment of learning and growth.


St. Andrews Turi was founded in 1931 by two European settlers who wanted to create an educational institution that would provide students with quality education.

The school has since grown to become one of the leading international schools in the region, offering students a wide range of courses and activities.

Meals and Diet

Like most schools, the Turi International School rarely discloses its menu. However, a copy of the school menu leaked in 2017 revealed that students were enjoying the following delicacies:

  • Breakfast: fried eggs, grilled tomatoes, fresh juice, baked beans, toast, waffles with syrup, cereals, baked beans, fresh fruit, berries, yoghurt, and toast.
  • Snacks: Banana bread, fruits and flapjacks, juice, apples, bananas, and sausage rolls.
  • Lunch: roast chicken with lemon and ginger, maxim potato, vegetable moussaka, chocolate mousse, fish and chips, paneer kebabs, pineapple crumble with vanilla, custard sauce
  • Dinner: Beef lasagna, garlic bread, matoke, grilled vegetables and fruits, pork fillet, pasta, potato pie, and fruit salad.

The school ensures that all students can access healthy food choices, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options.

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Fee Structure

This is the fee structure of St. Andrews Turi as of January 2023. The fee structure is also available on the school’s website.

  • Nursery, Day – Ksh 180,000 per term
  • Years 1-2, Weekly Boarding — Ksh 683,000 per term
  • Years 1- 2, Full Boarding — Ksh 718 000 per term
  • Years 3 – 4, Day School – Ksh 485,000 per term
  • Years 3- 4, Weekly Boarding – Ksh 710,000 per term
  • Years 3- 4, Full-Boarding — Ksh 747,000 per term
  • Years 5- 6, Full Boarding — Ksh 600,000 per term
  • Years 7-8, Full Boarding – Ksh 863,000 per term
  • Year 9, Full Boarding – Ksh 917,000 per term
  • Years 10 – 11, Full Boarding – Ksh 993,000 per term
  • Years 12- 13, Full Boarding – Ksh 1,074,000 per term

Bottom Line

Investing in quality education at St. Andrews Turi can be a great decision for parents looking to provide their children with an excellent learning experience.

The institution is known for its world-class facilities, experienced faculty, and innovative teaching methods. With its commitment to excellence and dedication to student success, investing in quality education at the Turi International School is undoubtedly worth it.

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