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Tale of Kenyan bright student who dropped out of university to join primary school

Lloyd Abednego Mogoi alias Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi shocked the country after it emerged that he faked his identity to secure an admission at Gachororo Primary School in Kiambu County.

Mogoi allegedly sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) examination in 2003 and enrolled in Mutuini High School in Dagoretti.

While in form three, he transferred to  Dr. Ribeiro Parklands Boys High School, where he completed his secondary school studies in 2008. He excelled in his Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education, scoring a  mean grade of B with 65 points.

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Despite having done well in his papers, he was not contented with his marks and declined government admission to the Technical University of Kenya to repeat his form four studies.

He sat for the national exam for a second time and scored a B+. He joined Egerton University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Instrumentation and Control Engineering.


It was while in fourth year that he completely disappeared from the institution. Efforts to trace him bore no fruits until in 2018 when he resurfaced at the Kisii Central Registration of Persons Office.

Reports have it that he was looking to replace crucial documents arguing that his documents, including his birth certificate were destroyed in a fire.

“You pushed a false statement that you were issued with a birth certificate under the name of Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, knowing you had formerly been issued with a National Identity Card in the name of Lloyd Abednego Mogoi,” the charge sheet read in part as quoted by Kenyans.


After acquiring a new certificate under the name Gamaliel Isaac Mogoi, he left Kisii for Kiambu County, seeking primary school admission.

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He enrolled in class 7 at Gachororo Primary School in the pretence of being a needy student who had been unable to pursue his education due to financial setbacks.

He sat for his KCPE exams and scored an impressive 410 marks out of the possible 500, winning him a chance to join Alliance High School.

It was at Alliance High School when his fake life came to an end following scrutiny by the school’s administrators. Mogoi incited Alliance students to strike, accusing the principal of corruption.

The move prompted teachers to find out his background. The teachers handed Mogoi to the police to deal with the matter.

Mogoi was taken into custody and charged that between October 28, 2020, and November 8, 2021, as a Form One student at Alliance, he printed the words, “Alliance High School Strong to Serve, you gave us a deceptive and corrupt principal, kindly take him back. School bus, chapel, badge support, and Form I intake bribery.”




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