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The Stranger Who Changed Lulu Hassan’s Career for the Better

Citizen Tv news presenter Lulu Hassan is a woman with an admirable reputation in Kenya’s media industry. She is also a producer and CEO of Jiffy Pictures.

Her presence on TV might not have happened if it were not for the stranger who pushed her to join the media industry.

In a past interview with Hot 96, Lulu revealed her decision to join the media industry was inspired by a compliment from a stranger. At the time, she was working as a receptionist in Mombasa County.

She picked up a phone call, and on the other line was a man called Anthony, who complimented her voice and asked her whether she had ever considered a career in media.

“It started in 2005, I was a receptionist in Mombasa working for Tech Biz Limited, a company that dealt with computers.”

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“So whenever I picked calls, there was a guy called Anthony; I’ve never met him, but he told me, ‘I love your voice. Have you ever thought of doing radio or TV?” recalled Lulu.

The compliment planted the idea that she could make a great presenter even though she had not considered it before.

It was not long before she saw a radio presenter advert in a newspaper. Despite not having been in a journalism class, she applied and successfully secured a job as a part-time radio news anchor.

She enrolled in a media school to hone her media skills while still executing her roles perfectly at the radio station.

While working at radio salaam as an English news presenter in 2008, a KTN  cameraman informed her about an open position at the standard media group-backed Tv station. Lulu applied and got hired.

She later moved to Royal Media Services, where she continues to work as an anchor, co-hosting Nipashe Wikendi with Rashid Abdalla on Citizen TV.

She went on to advise young people who find themselves on the same path as hers to follow their instincts and listen to good advice.

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