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Shock, controversy rocks Juja dam victim Tirus Maina’s funeral

Businessman Tirus Maina died in controversial circumstances at Juja Dam. His funeral that was conducted on Friday was also rocked by controversy.

Mourners were shocked to find that his eulogy contained only nine lines that made up three short paragraphs.

According to a source who participated in the funeral arrangements, this was a different euology to the one the organizing committee had written down and published.

Incidentally, the euology did not also contain any details on whether he was married or if he had children or not. This was despite one of his wives coming out and speaking in public.

“We had done a very comprehensive eulogy but it is not the one we found here. The eulogy was only written in English, just one version, and was read out by one of the villagers. We were surprised when we saw this brief eulogy which is different from the initial one,” a source told the media.

The eulogy read as follows:


The late Tirus Maina was born in February 1984 at Mukurweini, Nyeri County. He was the third-born son of the late Joseph Gikonyo and Madrin Wangui. He was a loving brother to Jedidah Wangari, the late Judy Wairimu, Michael Mbore, Joyce Wanjiru and Isaiah Mwangi.

The late started his school at Kariara Primary and moved to Rutune Primary then Dedan Kimathi University.

The late Tirus relocated to Thika where he started working as an engineer since 2006 with different companies in and out of the country until his demise.”

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Maina was buried at Gumba village in Mukurwe-Ini constituency, in Nyeri County.

Maina had died together with his 22-year-old side chic Fridah Warau Kamuyu when the Nissan X-Trail they were in plunged into the dam. The vehicle had been parked at the edge of the dam.

After his death, 39-year old Maina was revealed to have been married with children. He was also reported to have been polygamous. He had three children with his first wife. The first and second wives were both present during his burial.

Margaret Kiiru, Maina’s wife, had come out publicly to state that she was his wife. Ms. Kiiru had also pleaded on Kenyans to help identify the family of the woman Maina had perished with.

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