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Top 10 African Countries With Highest Minimum Wages – 2022

While Kenya is working around the corner to establish a minimum wage for workers, there are countries in Africa that have become favorites for labour export as they have established the best minimum wages on the continent. Shockingly Nigeria, South Africa, and other top African economies are not among the top players.

Top African Countries With Highest Minimum Wages

The minimum wage varies from one country to another. In this list, we looked at the minimum wage of African countries before tax deductions and other welfare levies. Here are the African countries with the highest minimum wages.

Seychelles – $424

Seychelle has the highest minimum wage in Africa. However, workers in the country are paid on an hourly basis. According to new legislation, the new minimum wage will rise from SCR 34.97 to SCR 38.27 per hour for all workers other than casual.

This means that based on 35 hours of work per week, the salary will increase from SCR 5,303.70 ($388) to SCR 5,804 ($424) per month.

1. Libya – $325

Libya has one of the highest minimum wages in Africa. Libyan workers are paid 450 Libyan dinars per month ($325). Additionally, the government pays rent, power and water subsidy for their citizens.

2. Morroco – $284

Morroco has one of the highest minimum wages in Africa. A Morrocan worker is paid on an hourly basis based on the sector. Workers in the agricultural and non-agricultural sectors are paid 63.39 dirhams per day and 14.13 dirhams per hour respectively.

The median Morrocan worker is paid $284.28 per month but workers in the public sector are paid $315.84 monthly.

3. Mauritius – $257

Mauritius has one of the highest minimum wages in Africa. Recently, the government approved a new minimum wage package for workers totaling 9,000 Mauritian rupees per month (US$257)

Although the parliament approved Rs 8,140 (US$232), various compensation payments by the government or the Mauritius Revenue Authority will mean that workers will earn a total of Rs 9,000 (US$257).

4. Equatorial Guinea – $231

Equatorial Guinea also has one of the highest minimum wages in Africa. Workers in the country earn 128.000 CFA ($231) monthly. However, there is a huge disparity in wage distribution across different sectors and industries.

5. Gabon – $225

One of the countries with the highest minimum wage in Africa is Gabon. The Gabonese government recently increased the minimum wage to 150,000 CFA francs per month ($225).

Additionally, government workers receive a monthly allowance of 20,000 CFA francs ($34) per child, in addition to other benefits.

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6. South Africa – $213

South Africa also features on our list of countries with the highest minimum wage in Africa. Recently, South Africa president signed a new minimum wage into law. The new South African minimum wage is pegged at 20 rands ($1.45) an hour, equal to 3,500 rands ($213) per month.

7. Djibouti – $198

Although minimum wage in Djibouti has been canceled in favor of occupational categories. Now, employers and employees set wages as part of an employment contract. Public sector workers have a minimum wage of 35,000 DJF ($198) a month.

8. Algeria – $170

The Algerian government recently increased its minimum wage after 8 years. The new Algerian minimum wage was increased by 2,000 Algerian dinars to reach 20,000 Algerian dinars ($170) per month.

9. Congo Brazzaville – $162

The Congo Republic is one of the countries with the highest minimum wage in Africa. Workers in Congo earn 90,000 CFA ($162).

10. Cape Verde – $160

Cape Verde is among the countries with the highest minimum wage in Africa. The country’s prime minister recently announced the increase of workers minimum wage from 13,000 escudos to 15,000 escudos ($160).


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