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Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

Ever wonder which careers out there in the workforce provide the most tension, fear and stress? A new report sheds light on possible answers to that very question.

According to a recently released report on stress in the workplace, the jobs that provide workers the most personal nervousness and tension are some that you would probably expect and others you may not have thought of.

In compiling this list, jobs were measured using 11 factors that might induce tension, fear and discomfort. Those factors include physical demands, travel, hazards, the possibility of death, deadlines, competition and others. Growth potential and income also came into play, and jobs were scored accordingly.

Near the top of the list, the job of Airline Pilot came in third place, ahead of Police Officer, which placed fourth.


Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

The role of Pilot received a stress score of 60.54 and has a growth outlook of 5%. The median income of airline pilots is 450,000ksh per month.

Pilots do have a lot to contend with, when you think about their responsibilities: controlling a massive vessel – containing many lives – through the air at high altitudes through sometimes dangerous weather. The schedule of flights may be difficult to keep up with as well.

Police Officers

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017Police officers have a lot on their plates too, and only make a median annual income of 45,000 ksh per month. Strange hours, coming face to face with society’s criminal element and generally having to be ready to help anyone when bad things happen would cause anyone stress.


Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

Firefighters, which received a stress score of 72.68. Firefighters are no strangers to danger and are committed to placing themselves in harm’s way in order to put out destructive fires and save lives. The possibility of death or maiming is very real in the life of a firefighter. What do they make every year? A median income of $46,870.

Military Personnel

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

Military Personnel; its position stress rating of 72.74 is likely attributed to barking officers, dangerous missions, an abundance of travel, strict deadlines and the great risk of bodily harm or death.

Soldiers, on average, receive a median annual income of 65,936ksh per month, according to the report.


Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

Yeah yeah, we can hear some of you expressing disbelief right off the bat. Yes most teachers get summers off and many get automatic pay raises. We know. But there is a flip side to that coin

First of all teachers are never going to get rich teaching. Second, most teachers are working well outside the times between the first and final bell by grading papers, going over curriculum, etc. Third, teachers have an unbelievably crucial responsibility to shape the minds of young people and properly prepare them for life after graduation. Failing to do so literally endangers the future – for both the students and society in general. And finally there’s the stress of dealing with most students every day. That’s normally enough stress right there to last a lifetime.

Social worker

Top 10 Most Stressful Jobs In 2017

Imagine being placed into emergency situations where potential abuse or violence is taking place. No one else wants to step in, so it falls to you to deal with the aftermath and you’re getting paid peanuts.

This is life as a social worker.

Social workers have to advocate for those who are often in dire straits and dealing with one or more crises. While they help families plan next steps and offer education on various topics, they also must be an understanding and sympathetic ear while witnessing heartbreaking family and personal situations. Add to that the fact that social programs are constantly underfunded yet the demand constantly grows, and you have fewer dedicated social workers trying to do more work with less support.


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