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Top investments that will give you quick high returns

Investing is the only way to build wealth over time. And while there are no specific havens that will guarantee you high returns, some sectors have historically performed well, making them a good investment option.

This article focuses on some of the sectors that have proven to be reliable for long-term wealth creation. They include:

Rental Housing Investments

The real estate sector is currently one of the best types of investing in the country. Every day people are buying properties, and construction projects are being witnessed nearly everywhere.

This could be a result of the rising population, especially in the major towns. The investors are not only focusing on new homes but also on the refurbishment of the shabby ones.

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The population in major towns and cities is further expected to increase in the future, meaning this is an investment that will never disappoint you.

Rental housing is also an investment whose returns are less prone to market fluctuations. You can also use your constructed units as leverage to acquire various financial instruments and increase cash flow and wealth.


This sector consists of several industries, which are all lucrative. They include air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure.

You can invest in companies that move people and products by buying shares of individual transportation companies.

You can also consider public service vehicles as people are ever commuting to different places where they need some means.


From poultry farming and crop and livestock farming to beekeeping, this sector has proven to be a good source of wealth. People have to eat daily, and the demand for agricultural products will always remain high.

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Statistics show that 80% of the country has land and a suitable climate suitable for farming, so why not collect the extra cash?

You can also invest in farm machinery and equipment for sale and hire. Farmers who can’t afford to purchase some farm machinery, such as tractors, will always look for hire services.

Stock Market

While the stock market has for years been hailed for good returns, it’s advisable to invest in this sector when you are knowledgeable about it.

It involves exchanges in which shares are publicly traded. Investors get profit through capital gains and dividends. Trading a variety of stocks can help you spread your risk across different asset classes and grow your money over time.


This sector has managed to survive numerous economic crises and still makes profits. It is a sector that is crucial, and the demand for healthcare services will always be there.

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The sector covers various sub-sectors, including institutional services, insurance companies, Drug manufacturers, medical instrument makers, and biomedical companies, among others.


It is possible to earn extra income by investing in quality investments. The return on your investments might be used as a source of regular extra income for day-to-day living.

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