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Best pickup between Toyota Hilux and Isuzu DMax

Toyota Hilux and Isuzu DMax: These two pickups have been a significant part of the Kenyan economy. Their evolution has been a continuous journey towards making them more efficient and practical, but which one between them is better?

Ladies and Gentlemen, today we do a head to head review between the Hilux vs Dmax.

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Our review will be based on the base trim of the two:

  1. 4×2 ( Two wheel, rear wheel drive)
  2. Standard ( Not the high rider editions)
  3. Model Year 2016-2019

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Pick-ups are beasts of burden; power is an essential factor when choosing which one to choose, well  the Hilux is slightly more powerful than the Dmax. Its 2400 cc 2GD-FTV  produces 150 Horsepower at 3400 rpm whereas its 2500cc 4JK Dmax counterpart produces the same  150 horsepower but at a higher 5200 rpm.

Thanks to the thermo-efficiency technology used on the Hilux’s 2GD, it is able to achieve a higher power output but at lower rpm. This also means that averagely, the Hilux achieves better fuel economy.


With ferrying heavy goods, torque is very important. With Torque output, the D’Max wins. The Hilux with 200Nm of torque as compared to its Isuzu counterpart churning out around 233NM of torque at around the same RPM.

Drive train:

With both running on a 5 speed manual,and a 2WD drivetrain (for the base models)  The Isuzu Dmax wins again; it comes with a Limited Slip Differential which is very helpful in slippery or loose ground, especially when loaded.

Fuel economy:

The Hilux is able to achieve about 11 Km per litre while the DMax achieves about 10Km per litre with all driving factors held constant.

Interior and comfort:

I have driven both and the Hilux has a more refined interior which is a bit more comfortable compared to that of the Dmax.

Value for Money:

The Hilux is more expensive with price tags starting from Ksh 3.15 Million. The price tags of the Dmax start from Ksh 2.8 million, (Brand new). Asset financing facilities are available for the two pick ups of up to 95%.

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