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NTSA vehicle ownership transfer procedure and fees

NTSA Vehicle Transfer: A buyer of a second hand motor vehicle in Kenya is expected to apply for the transfer of change of ownership to their name within 14 days of purchase.

The transfer of ownership can be done via the NTSA TIMS self-service portal.

Logbook Transfer to Verify Car Ownership In Kenya

The NTSA may refuse to register a vehicle acquired as a result of an inter-entity transaction if one of them has lost the right to register a vehicle or to sell a vehicle registered in Kenya (for example, if unpaid fines are in his driving record).

Before concluding a transaction with another person, it is recommended that the vehicle is registered. Before you can be the official owner of such a car, you must do a logbook transfer to verify the car ownership according to the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) and Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) regulations. Several procedures are involved when changing the title of a motor vehicle in Kenya.

List of NTSA offices in Kenya and their contacts

Before embarking on an NTSA logbook transfer, it is important to note that initially, one had to acquire a transfer form ‘C’ also referred to as the NTSA Vehicle Transfer Form from either the Road Transport Offices located at Times Tower in CBD Nairobi, Custom House in Mombasa or the District Commissioners Office.

NTSA vehicle transfer

Presently, the procedure is done online as indicated below.

  • Both the owner and the buyer of the car MUST create an account on TIMS

  • The buyer and seller must enable SMS code notifications to assist with security verification procedures.

  • Kenyans with e-citizen accounts can use their login details to log on to the TIMS and update it as needed.

  • One can also download the NTSA App from Google Play Store and submit inquiries through it in case of any issues with NTSA vehicle transfer.

  • One of the most important services provided here is the transfer of ownership which would normally take a lot of time.

    How to transfer vehicle ownership in Kenya

    1. To access the transfer menu, you must click the Vehicle Registration button.

    2. Then proceed to the property transfer request.

    3. Next, you must click on the Create New button and enter the registration number of the vehicle you wish to transfer.

    4. Click the Inquire button.

    5. Note that this page must show you the basic information about the vehicle to be transferred, including the original owner.

    6. Click View to view the vehicle details and download a scanned copy of the logbook.

    7. Under New Car Owners, the seller must select Individual/Non-Individual/Financial, then enter the buyer’s details.

    8. For individuals, you must enter the national ID/foreign ID and PIN; and for the company/ financial institutions, enter the PIN code and click the Add button.

    9. Go to Security Verification, select Mobile and click send verification code.

    10. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile phone number, click on Disclaimer and submit.

    Once the seller has provided the details, the buyer should receive an SMS notification that a vehicle has been transferred to them. The buyer is then required to accept or reject the property so that the entire process is complete.

NTSA transfer charges

Below are the transfer fees applied by TIMS Kenya NTSA, and they vary depending on the engine capacity.

    • Vehicles with the engine not exceeding 1000 cc – 1660/KSH
    • Cars with engine capacity between 1001- 1200cc – 1890/KSH
    • Motor vehicles ranging between 1201 to1500cc – 2065/ KSH
    • Vehicles of 1501-1700 cc – 2410/KSH
    • Cars between 1701-2000cc – 2695/ KSH
    • Motor vehicles ranging between 2001-2500 – 3845/KSH
    • Motor vehicles ranging between 2501-3000 – 5055/KSH
    • Vehicles above 3001 costs 5915/KSH
    • The cost for trailers with four wheels or less is 1030/KSH
    • Vehicle with more than four wheels -1890/KSH
    • Tractor -1030/KSH

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