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Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

It’s undoubtedly that everyone has ever stumbled on a car on the road and wondered how they ever rolled off the assembly line because of their ugliness.

While they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, various design flaws can make a car look bad, from oddly shaped bumpers to awkwardly-angled rear windows to confusing lines that don’t know whether they want a car to be a station wagon or a coupe.

Most of the ugly cars spotted on roads are believed to have existed since the ancient automotive era.

However, there are some modern cars whose design is unappealing. While they may look weird to some people, you won’t be surprised that they are someone else’s dream car.

This article features some of the ugly designed cars on Kenyan roads.

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Nissan Cube
Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

Its name defines it because it literally looks like a cube or a box on wheels. The Nissan Cube hit the market in the year 1998.

It was designed to be a quirky, boxy car for the youth market, but it’s unusual shape and asymmetrical windows made it one of the ugliest cars on the road.

 It was also criticized for its poor fuel economy and lack of power. Its prices range between sh 700,000 to sh 1.8 million, depending on the model year.

Nissan Juke
Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

It was introduced in 2011, and while other cars were quickly ascending to the top list in terms of fuel economy, Nissan Juke ascended to the list of the ugliest cars in the world.

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While the original Juke was hated by many, it was purchased and described as “cute” by many others. It is popular among the youth owing to its affordability, lightweight frame, potent engine, and nimble handling. It ranges between sh 800,000 and up to sh 3.8 million for the new models.

Toyota Prius
Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

Were it not for the rear-end design of the Toyota Prius, this car would not have made it to this list. It is one of the most selling hybrid cars in the world owing to fuel efficiency.

It was introduced in the market in 1997 by Toyota with 4 door sedan design and later redesigned to a 5-door liftback in 2003. Its prices range between sh 1.2 million to around sh 3.5 million with respect to the model year.

Bajaj Qute
Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

This can only be called a car because it has borrowed some characteristics from regular cars, such as 4 wheels, doors, car-like headlights, a bumper, and an actual body shell to keep its occupants protected (not from an impact, but from foreign objects like dust).

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In some countries, the Bajaj Qute reportedly doesn’t qualify to be called a car as it has a maximum speed of 70km/h.

The car is mainly used in Kenya for public service.  It cost around sh 500,000, which is too high given its shape and size.

Ugliest cars on Kenyan roads by design and their prices (Photos)

This car is locally made in Kenya. It is not loved by many Kenyans and has faced criticism over its poor design. This car has Sharp edges and a box-like design which makes it very ugly.

While there are few units on the roads, mass production is underway, with the car going for sh 450,000.

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