Monday, December 5, 2022

US Court warns Kenyan man hiding in Kenya to escape child support in America

An American court based in Tallapoosa county, Alabama has bought advertising space on the Kenyan Daily Nation.

The Juvenile Court in Tallapoosa County has warned Kenyans of a father, with Kenyan roots, escaping from Parent-Child support in the US.

According to the notice paid for by the US Court through the Tallapoosa County Department of Human Resources and Child Protective Services, the Kenyan father has failed to respond to numerous court summons and has been missing for a long time.

The man is said to have sired two kids while in America. The man’s wife filed a legal lawsuit, after which the father of two found it best to flee, leaving no trail as to where he might have set off to.

Currently, his wife has sought a dictum to terminate the man’s parental rights. This comes in the wake of many Juvenile Courts in various American States, having trouble with disreputable parents.

The Tallapoosa Juvenile Court, via the Daily Nation, has ordered the man to respond to the accusations in 2 weeks and show up physically to court. Failure to do so would mean that the Kenyan father will no longer, legally, have children in the states.

“You are hereby ordered to appear in the Juvenile Court of Tallapoosa County, Alabama located at 365 Lee Street, Alexander City for the final hearing on the Petition for Termination of Parental Rights filed by the Department of Human Resources, Child Protective Services.” Read part of the notice.

“Failure to appear for the final hearing on this date and time without good cause will result in a loss of your rights to contest the Petition for Termination of your Parental Rights.”

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If the Kenyan father fails to appear, the Parental Rights Termination is passed into law and the children are free to live with the mother alone. Alternatively, the children can be slotted available for adoption into a more secure and stable permanent family, capable of providing the child’s fundamental needs.

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