NTSA: Private vehicles to be inspected every two years

Vehicle Inspection in Kenya: The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) has issued tough guidelines on motor vehicle inspection as it moves to tame perennial road carnage.

Under the new regulations, all private vehicles that are more than four years old will be inspected after every two years. “All commercial vehicles, public service vehicles, driving school vehicles and school buses shall undergo a preregistration inspection before registration and an annual periodic vehicle inspection thereafter,” the regulations read in part.

The rules also require all salvage vehicles to be inspected after repairs and an annual periodic inspection thereafter.

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“All vehicles involved in an accident may be subjected to a motor vehicle inspection test. All vehicles which undergo any changes in the length, height, width, maximum payload, colour, engine swap, and other major structural or mechanical changes shall be subject to a modification inspection,” the rules stipulate.

NTSA goes on to explain the fresh rules for vehicle inspection in Kenya: “All vehicles shall be inspected for safety requirements during an inspection in accordance with Kenya Standard 1515 and any other standard adopted by the Kenya Bureau of Standards from time to time and any other relevant legislation.”

NTSA will also only issue a privately-owned vehicle inspection centre licence to the applicant if it is satisfied that the proposed centre meets the space and equipment required and is not engaged in the business of repairing vehicles at the inspection centre.

“A privately owned vehicle inspection centre licence shall only authorise the use as the inspection centre the premises named therein and no other premises shall be considered to be so authorised by such a licence,” reads the regulations.

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