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Waithaka wa Jane: 24 Year Old Form Three Drop Out Making Millions From Mugithi

Mugithi music is a form of music originated by the Kikuyu people of Kenya but enjoyed by other ethnic groups within Kenya and even some non-Kenyans in countries with a large Kenyan diaspora such as the United Kingdom.

This genre has been dominated by Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, who started his career in 2016. He earned the title of ‘King of the Mugithi jangle’ and has inspired the younger generation to join the industry. One of the young talents is John Waithaka Mwangi alias Waithaka wa Jane. He is among the fast-rising Kikuyu-based music star.

Who is Waithaka wa Jane?

Waithaka wa Jane was born in 1998 in Mathioya in Murang’a County. The Music star who is approaching 25 years of age, was born in a family of 8.

In 2016, Waithaka dropped out High School while on Form 3. He travelled to Nairobi and stayed with his older brother Rwathi wa Jane.

The Journey and success

Waithaka wa Jane began his music career by playing drum sets and the guitar through the mentorship of Mr Pato Wa Gathoni.

Even though his other six brothers are all artists, Waithaka is the most popular. He has become a common feature in music played in public transport, bars and homes, especially after he uploaded his work on YouTube and has not restricted downloading.

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His career started taking shape in early 2021 and he has since taken the industry by storm dethroning veteran Mugithi artist Samidoh. The 24-year-old is now a highly sought-after one-man guitarist in Nairobi and the Mount Kenya region

Wa Jane has released both secular and gospel hits, with his music accessible in audio and audio-visual formats.

Waithaka Wa Jane’s Net worth

The artist’s worth is not yet calculated but due to his gigs, the artist is estimated to be worth around Ksh 2.5 Million. He owns a basic personal vehicle and also runs a business in Nairobi.

Waithaka has a considerably large following on social media. His YouTube channel has 82.4k subscribers, with videos garnering over 9,877,706 views.


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