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Where to buy cheap Galla goats in Kenya

Galla goats are some of the best animals to keep, whether you are looking for the best animal that can fetch you good cash in the prevailing erratic weather and climate conditions.

This unique breed of goats has been embraced by farming communities in drought-stricken counties due to their superior characteristics.

The animals are said to be friendly and docile and are resistant to some diseases, including gastro-intestinal parasites and infectious diseases. This makes them easy to manage.

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“Rearing the goats is also very cheap, even for farmers with low incomes, as they are hardy browsers and can feed on most types of vegetation, including shrubs and twigs, making feeding affordable,” said Antony Mutembei, a certified breeder and veterinary from Tharaka Nthi County.

In addition, their large size than other goats makes them producers of more meat.  Galla goats further gain weight rapidly within a short period and can gain up to 70kg fetching three times the price of local breeds at the market.

The animals are also said to be good milk producers, and they can give up to 3 litres a day, compared to crossbreeds, which produce 1.5 litres, and indigenous breeds, which produce 0.5 litres a day.


Anyone looking to start keeping them can purchase from various suppliers in Kenya for as low as Sh7,000. Below are some of the Galla Goat suppliers in Kenya.

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Pata Mbuzi Enterprise


They are located in Mlolongo and sell their animals on order only. Galla Goats Doe sells from Sh11,000, with the pregnant ones going for Sh13,000. The bucks cost Sh12,000.

Call 0713410505 to order.

Urban Fresh

This firm provides & supplies Agricultural Products & Services in Africa in collaboration with Agri Entrepreneurs, Agri Ventures, Government & Development Agencies.

They sell young Doe of between 4-8 months for Sh7,500 while young bucks weighing 16-20kgs go for Sh10,000. On the other hand, mature Doe served 9-15 months go for Sh15,500.

You can reach them via 0721644863 / 0724 049 266 / 0786 644863 or visit them at Apa Plaza, Argwing Kodhek Road, Hurligham, Kilimani, Nairobi.

Mkulima young

On this platform, you can get suppliers who sell quality Gala goats at Sh7,000 and offer delivery of a minimum of 20 goats and a maximum of 300 goats within the Nairobi environs.

”Less than 20 goats we recommend customers to buy from the farm. We are located OPP over pass mlolongo & kiserian, university way, along isinya road,’’ the firm states.

Sky Garden

They sell a minimum of 5 goats for Sh18,290 and offer delivery to their customers for a fee, depending on the location.

You can reach them via +254 709 782 000

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