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Building the next generation of innovators, why kids are learning about AI

By Natasha Gamalie

Mombasa is launching a large- scale initiative to equip over 6,800 students across 85 primary schools with digital skills.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation (UK charity at Cambridge University) funds the Advancing Computing Literacy Project, implemented by Tech Kidz Africa, in partnership with the Mombasa county government.

The program will equip students with in demand digital skills like coding, animation, AI, robotics, machine learning and cybersecurity.

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With a budget of over 20 million shillings, the project remains achievable in its first year.

In a major boost for digital literacy, The Advancing Computing Literacy Project will train over 400 teachers, ensuring at least five teachers per school gain valuable digital skills.

This initiative encompasses a significant portion of Mombasa’s educational landscape, targeting 90% of public schools and 10% of private schools.


The founder of Tech Kidz Africa, Paul Akwabi made notice that the teachers will be trained in groups of 50 as Trainers of Teachers ( TOTs)

Furthermore, the teachers are then expected to train their fellow other colleagues. Khadija Primary School, equipped with a new 25- computer lab, will serve as the training ground for Mombasa’s digital literacy initiative.


Akwabi reports that 22 teachers have already completed their training and and will act as Trainers of Teachers ( TOTs) for their colleagues starting this Saturday.

“There is a scarcity of resources, but with the introduction of new technology, a teacher who has a smartphone is supposed to be able to use it to empower the learners,” Paul Akwabi said.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir emphasized the county’s commitment to the project’s success by providing crucial infrastructure.

“Mombasa county proudly leads Kenya and Africa in embracing the transformative change to equip students with the skills needed for the future,” Abdulswamad Nassir said.

Mombasa is the first county to embrace this program. Governor Abdulswamad Nassir stressed the importance of exposing children to technology early on.

He emphasized that this ensures they develop the skills necessary to thrive in a world increasingly reliant on digital tools.

“There is no doubt that we truly need to evolve and align with the new trends across the world. I’m glad that Mombasa has taken leadership in digital transformation,” Nassir said.

He emphasized that the project will aid learners to enhance their creativity levels, increase adaptability skills and improve their critical decision making skills through technology.

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