The Youth Enterprise Development Fund is a fund set aside by the government to provide affordable loans to youths  interested in undertaking business.

The fund offers startup loans targeting youths who are in registered groups.

Below are seven steps on how to apply and get youth fund:

How to apply:

  • You have to be in a registered youth group

  • Visit your respective sub-county or constituency offices – youth department/office

  • Pick a loan application form

  • Fill and attach the required documents:

    • Valid Registration Certificate and certified membership list

    • Copies of identity cards for group members

    • Group minutes authorizing the loan application

  • Return the forms to the sub-county offices

  • An officer at the sub-county offices will then guide you on all other necessary steps. The steps include; (Vetting, Training and How to repay the loan)

  • If successful, the loan will be credited to the group’s/business account

NB: Ensure that the loan is used for the purpose it was applied for.

  • The loan must be repaid within the stipulated time.

However, Individual youths can access business expansion loans from the fund for working capital or for the purchase of income generating assets.

The individual must be a member of a group that has repaid their group loan.

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