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Top 10 secret USSD codes every Android user should have on their fingertips

Purchasing a new phone brings excitement and thrill; whether Android or iOS, the entire experience is filled with anticipation, from unboxing to holding the sleek new phone.

For many individuals, acquiring a new device takes a few months of preparation. Before buying a new phone, it is essential to do research and select a phone that meets your specific needs.

While some prioritize brands, others focus on features such as speedy processors, storage capacity, display quality, quality cameras, long battery life, etc. However, there is more to selecting a phone that goes beyond aesthetics and previously mentioned factors.

Phones have several features that go unnoticed by users. In this article, we shall explore some of these lesser-known features that can help users optimize their experience and make the most of their device capabilities.

If you are using Android, you are probably familiar with USSD codes. They are often referred to as quick codes or secret codes.

They are an extra-UI protocol allowing users to access their phones’ secret and hidden features. Originally intended for GSM phones, they are now equipped with new and modern devices.

Here is a list of the top 10 easy-secret USSD codes you can try running on your Android device. To work with them, open your phone’s default dialer page and enter the codes.

  1. *#06# – Check your phone’s IMEI number to validate device genuinity
  2. *#67# – Enable or disable call forwarding
  3. *43# – Activate call waiting
  4. *31# – Hide Caller ID
  5. **04* – Change Android device PIN
  6. *#0228# – Check battery status
  7. *#*#7594#*#* – Change power button behavior. If it’s not working, use this code to shut down your phone and get it fixed.
  8. *#*#7780#*#* – Get the recording of the last 20 seconds of your call
  9. *#*#232337#*# – To view Bluetooth device address.
  10. *#0782# – Perform a real-time clock test

Ultimately, if you happen to be a phone lover for whatever reason, you now have a cool new set of tricks to play with. They will empower you to make the most of your device.

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There are countless secret USSD codes that you can learn; these are just but a few that can enhance your productivity.

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