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Thriving Couples: Doctors Busting Sexual Myths in Marriages on Facebook

A Kenyan couple has amassed a huge online following by specializing into a popular niche, quite afar from their professional careers. This is Dr. Keith Dindi – a Cardiothoracic Surgeon based at Tenwek Hospital, and his spouse, Dr. Esther Dindi. The medic-couple is behind the phenomenal Thriving Couples Group on Facebook.

They couple has single-handedly raised talk and discussion on sensual family matters. The Dindi’s use their own union as a social guinea pig, offering tantalizing peeks into the innards of their bedroom. And, bedroom matters. The Bring-Love-and-Sanity-into-Marriages Campaign has an objective – to calm down volatile scenarios, and make modern marriages appealing.

Co-Op post

Thriving Couples arose in 2020. It’s an open-to-post discussion platform for marriage related issues. The medic-couple are the sole moderators, and have weekly-themed discussion plugs. Other than Ndindi’s Nuggets on Sunday’s, the couple hosts #kivumbithursday – which lingers on sensual sex. Yes, the doctors give tips and insights into a healthy sex life for couples!

In the Valentine’s Day mood, the Dindi’s offer five tips for a great sex life.


  1. Slow Fury

If I was to give people just one tip on making sex great in marriage it would be this one. Take it slow, savor the moments. Don’t just have sex, Take time to connect with your partner. Talk as you are pounding yam, look into each other’s eyes, kiss slow….brother, you are making love not fighting a tarantula.

Slow down, let your passion rise on the crest of her desire,  your pace a demonstration of mastery of self…..the trot of your galloping rhythm of love should be responsive to the drumbeat of her heaving hips.

  1. Sensual Set Up

Preparing your partner for the next episode starts immediately you are done with the current episode. Don’t just drop off her and fall into deep sleep like a pre-Cambrian animal going into hibernation.

Awaken Eros throughout the day with a naughty SMS, a straying hand under the table at dinner……set yourselves up for pleasure by keeping the sex games going thru the day.

A warm massage, sensual dance…..set the mood right.

  1. Schedule Romance

I know we all love spontaneous lovemaking, but the reality of our fast paced modern life demand for sex schedules, otherwise you soon start living like Brother Paul and Sister Mary.

Agree on your desired sexual frequency and diarize it. Don’t leave pleasure to chance.

Our advice, have sex at least 3 times a week, for Kaos and Lunjes your frequency should only be rivaled by eating frequency…..seriously though, prioritize lovemaking in your marriage

  1. Savoring Savant

I told you guys about copulation vacations. They don’t have to be expensive, just a weekend out to a place where you can rekindle your intimacy with planned marathons of pleasure. Take massage oil with you, explore, and take turns pleasuring each other.

To be a Savant of erotica with your spouse requires these intense moments away from the dull of the home environment.  We have discovered so much about each other during these #kivumbifests.

  1. Sole rights

Faithfulness, my good people, faithfulness. Young lady, let your Yoni be the preserve of your husband’s desire. Gentlemen, never let hands that don’t have your ring on them touch your Abdulla.

Exclusivity is the potent mix to exploding libido.

Do you agree? Kindly let your views be known below!

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