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Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Shock as KNUT teachers miss out on salary raise, promotions

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CBA for Teachers: Teachers who are members of the Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) have been left out of the latest salary raise by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

The teachers who total 32,556 did not receive improved pay or get promoted. This is after the TSC said that they are under the Scheme of Service that is favoured by their union.

According to TSC communication director Beatrice Wababu, 32,041 teachers in Job group B5 did not qualify for promotion. The teachers who were promoted and awarded higher salaries were either members of KUPPET or did not belong to any union.

New guidelines TSC will be following when transferring teachers

Last week, KNUT warned the TSC to brace for war if 100,000 tutors who were due for a pay raise would not be paid higher salaries.

TSC changes stand on teachers’ career progression rules

“Schemes of Service, contained in the Code of Regulations and Code of Conduct and Ethics for Teachers, is the preferred promotion path of KNUT, but it is frowned upon by TSC,” a report that appeared in the Daily Nation said. “The promoted grade B5 teachers, who have been earning a basic salary of between Sh. 21,756 and Sh. 27,195, have this month taken home between Sh. 27,195 and Sh. 33,994.”

List of old and new salaries every TSC teacher, administrator earns 

According to reports, the varied treatment in the award of salary increments started last year when TSC left 103,634 teachers out of the scheme. CBA for Teachers.

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