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List of old and new salaries every TSC teacher, administrator earns

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TSC Teachers Salary: This is the full breakdown showing all the new and old salaries for every teacher and school administrator employed by the Teachers Service Commission.  These salaries reflect all the improved salaries for all phases of the Sh. 54 billion collective bargaining agreement (CBA) their unions negotiated with the TSC in October 2016.

Job Title


Job Grade Current Pay New TSC Teachers Salary
Chief Principal


D5 121,814 to 157,656 131,380 to 157,656
Senior Principal


D4 109, 249 to 118, 169 118, 242 to 121,890


D3 93,850 to 102,807 104,644
Deputy Principal III


D2 82,717 to 87,900 91,041
Snr. Headteacher, Snr. Master II, Deputy Principal IV


D1 74, 703 to 82,717 77,840 to 85,269
Headteacher, Deputy Headtecher 1, Snr Master III


C5 51,632 to 60,533 62,272
Deputy Headteacher II


C4 45,287 to 51,632 52,308
Secondary Teacher I, Senior Teacher I


C3 41,343 to 51,927 43,154 to 53,943
Secondary Teacher II, Secondary Teacher II UT, Primary Senior Teacher


C2 34,955 to 43,694 No change
Senior Teacher II, Secondary Teacher II, Teacher II UT, Primary Senior Teacher


C2 31,242 to 33,971 34,955
Primary Teacher I, Secondary Teacher II


C1 27,195 to 33,994 No change
Primary Teacher


B5 21,756 No change
Primary Teacher II


B5 21,756 to 27,195 No change

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