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5 Ways SMEs Can Leverage Digital Marketing to Drive Sales

Like most departments, marketing has seen a tremendous shift within the last two years, with most businesses now recognizing the importance of digital marketing.

Besides providing your company with a speedy short-term increase in sales, some digital marketing techniques are evergreen methods that promise long-term gains.

For starters, with digital marketing, you can track the performance of most of these methods and focus on those that yield results while tweaking the low-performing ones. 

Digital marketing strategies are quick, inexpensive, and efficient sales tools that offer tailor-made solutions even to the newest of companies. They provide a level playing field where new businesses can thrive and compete with established corporations.

Most importantly, due to their targeted approach, digital marketing strategies can reach relevant potential customers directly and at the right time. Here are the top five methods through which you can use digital marketing to drive your company sales.

1. Email marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing involves communicating via email to create brand awareness, nurture leads, and solicit sales.

To be effective, your company will need an email list of the relevant decision-makers in your target market. 

There are various ways a company can go around formulating a credible email list. An obvious method is growing it organically by asking visitors to your website to join your mailing list.

However, that will often yield slow results.

To hasten things up a bit, you should consider signing up for curated email lists from an Email Service Provider (ESP). The email list you get from an ESP is specifically designed with your business in mind. 

It renders quicker results as the emails featured are those of current industry players and decision-makers. These lists are a direct or targeted hotline to your prospects. 

Aside from granting you access, email marketing is an easy-to-monitor, inexpensive, and highly scalable strategy. It is also an avenue for long-term continuous engagement with your customers.

2. B2B cold calling

Cold calling involves reaching out to potential customers who have not expressed interest in a company’s goods or services. 

Although it is also known as telemarketing, cold calls may also involve physical one on one visits.

While cold calling remains one of the most daunting marketing methods to marketers, it is still one of the most effective sales tools. It allows you to master your sales pitch, reach new markets and make a connection with your potential clients.

Though the strategy may not consistently deliver results 100% of the time, there are clever tactics you can employ to improve the effectiveness of your cold calls.

First, you need to know and understand your product well. That means understanding what benefits it offers the customer and why they need to consider it. 

Product knowledge also entails being in a position to answer any question the prospect has regarding your offering.

Equally important is knowing your prospect and their needs, as it helps you craft an effective sales pitch before making the call. Also, develop and fine-tune your call guide and ensure you stick with it. 

Lastly, watch your attitude and tone during the interaction. An unenthusiastic cold call or a bad mood can be detected even when speaking via telephone and is likely to ruin any chances of closing a deal. 

Also, no matter the response you receive in the end, always be ready to cope with rejection and stay open to feedback. Politely ask the prospect why they have declined and how your company can better its product.

How to Approach Digital Marketing in Kenya

3. Social media marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing harnesses the power and broad reach of social networking platforms to push your message.

Several factors must guide a successful social media campaign. You must clearly understand your audience, where that audience is to be found, and the message you wish to pass.

That is important because specific social media platforms are more suited to particular businesses and products than others. For instance, a crafts shop is more likely to have a successful marketing campaign on Pinterest or Instagram than on LinkedIn.

In the example above, the products in question are mainly visual, so marketing them where prospects go to access such visuals is crucial.

Understanding where your audience hangs out is therefore vital. 

SMM is a direct marketing tool that you can use to push short, direct messages to prospects. An example of a social media marketing message is communicating a promo code or new product to all your customers via Facebook or Twitter.

4. Content marketing

Another vital digital tool for your company to consider is content marketing. It involves publishing informative content on topics that interest your prospects.

Good accurate content allows you to stand out as an authority in a given field, thereby building the market’s trust and credibility. The content may come in the form of blogs, vlogs, podcasts, and videos.

The most critical aspects of content marketing are quality and relevance. 

Also, maintain a consistent supply of fresh content to keep your audience engaged. As with most marketing methods, content marketing will likely yield better results with prolonged and consistent deployment.

A well-executed content marketing strategy should enable your company to boost its website traffic, develop brand awareness, build conversions, and improve its interaction with its target market.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When dealing with online marketing, one of the vital building blocks for a well-executed marketing strategy is SEO.

Best SEO practices require you to have informative content that is search engine friendly and optimized for the best results. 

That includes using relevant keywords and generally maximizing your website’s online visibility and search engine ranking.

The best way to go about this is by hiring an SEO specialist, as several content optimization methods and tools are used. 


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