HF Whizz Loan App

HF Whizz Loan App: HF Whizz is a new digital banking experience from the Housing Finance Group that gives you control and access over your finances anywhere anytime.

With this app, HF says that you will enjoy the freedom to manage your account, deposit cash into your account, transfer cash, pay bills, buy airtime, track your expenses and do so much more on the go.

The HF Whizz Loan App features include:


Pay for goods directly from your HF account. Select a biller from the app and sort your bills quick and easy.

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HF to HF account for FREE, Send from your account to mpesa, HF account to another bank account.

3). SAVE

Deposit and save money to make your dreams a reality.


Track and manage your expenditure from your phone.


Buy airtime for you or a friend straight from the app.


Apply for your loan directly from your phone. Your future is our priority.

How to download

  1. If you have a smartphone, you can either download this app on Google PlayStore for android or on the App Store for iOS.
  2. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can simply dial *618#
  3. Create your HF Whizz virtual account by providing your phone number and ID number.
  4. Confirm by entering verification ( temporary pin)code sent to your phone number.
  5. Set your new PIN
  6. Your account is active, just in a Whizz .
  • Open the app
  • Select Loans
  • Enter your PIN
  • Select duration,
  • Input amount you wish to borrow (not to exceed loan limit)
  • Choose reason for loan
  • Proceed.
Your loan will then be deposited into your Whizz account. Choose Send M-pesa to transfer the money to your M-pesa number.

Repaying a whizz loan

Loans can be repaid through HF Bank deposit, pay from Mpesa or pay from Whizz account. Repayment period ranges between 1 day and 180 days (6 months) depending on the loan taken.
  • Open the app
  • Select Loans
  • Select Repay Loan
  • Enter amount
  • Proceed to repay using your Whizz account.
If you choose Mpesa (if your Whizz account balance is insufficient), you’ll be prompted to enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction.¬† You’ll then receive a notification about the repayment.

Contact HF Whizz Team:

If you have the app, just open the app, select the menu on top left hand corner and then select ‘Contact us ‘. You can then write a message ,call, email or check HFC social media pages.
You can reach out to the help team through directly here;
  • Toll free number; 0800721400
  • Call; 0709438888
  • Call ; 020 326 2888
  • Email; customer.service@hfgroup.co.ke

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