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KNEC adjusts student’s KCPE marks from 358 to 409

The Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) has adjusted the KCPE marks of one student upwards. KNEC has adjusted the KCPE results of Prudence Shalimba to 409 out of the possible 500.

Initially, the examinations council had allocated Shalimba 358 marks. Prudence was a pupil at Mukango Hope Academy.

“I was happy that the results were out, however, the happiness was short-lived when my father told me that I had scored 358 marks, I was so devastated because those were not my true marks,” said Shalimba who is 13-years-old.

“My parents talked to me and told me they would seek redress which they did and on Sunday while I was in church, my mother came to where I was sitting and showed me the new results I had now scored 409 which made me top in my class from position three.”

Her teachers and parents noticed that her results were erroneous due to the marks she was allocated for her Kiswahili paper.

“I have never scored below 80 in Kiswahili and 400 marks overall and definitely I knew there was a problem, and the second results were my real grades. I hope to join Kenya High and become a surgeon in the future,” she said.

The readjustment of her marks come amidst widespread condemnation over the marking and allocation of results for the 2023 KCPE examinations.

Parents puzzled as kids who’ve never scored above 300 marks get 400s in KCPE

A number of schools have come out to protest against the results their candidates have received. Among these are Kitengela International School, Set Greenhill Academy, and Moi Primary Kabarak School.

Kitengela International School and Set Greenhill Academy have already filed a court petition against the marking of the 2023 KCPE. The two schools lament that the performance posted by their candidates does not reflect their true capabilities.

At Kitengela International, the top candidate scored 358 marks. At Moi Primary Kabarak School, the top candidate in one of the two streams scored 374 marks while the top candidate in the second stream scored 344 marks.

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