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Inside Mike Sonko’s Sh. 150 million luxurious Mua Hills family mansion

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Mike Sonko, a flamboyant politician, is widely known for his lifestyle and considerable wealth. He has built his name around the words ‘bling’ and ‘fashionable’.

Nothing spells money, such as the choice of shelter one builds for themselves and their family. Sonko’s lavish multi-million mansion located in Mua Hills, Machakos County, is just the tip of the iceberg to his life filled with grandeur.

Overlooking Lukenya Hills and Machakos Hills on both sides, the two-storey ‘Sonko’s Family Farm’ mansion was reportedly constructed at a cost of Sh. 150 million.

The mansion was built during Sonko’s tenure as Nairobi County Governor. The construction was so impressive that a new tarmac road was paved, diverting from Mombasa Road leading directly to his mansion and extending further to Kaseve.

Upon arrival, guests are welcomed by three life-size sculptures of lions at the mansion’s imposing gate. The exterior perimeter wall of the mansion boasts a gold-white colour scheme and engraved the name ‘Sonko’s Family Farm’.

Inside Mike Sonko's Sh. 150 million luxurious Mua Hills family mansion

The rest of the property features a charming beige concept that is tastefully complemented by red-tiled roofs. Everything inside Sonko’s estate screams beautiful architectural design.

The interior of the compound is meticulously designed with neat cabro pavings and well-maintained lush gardens. Several car shades are strategically placed where the former Nairobi Governor, his family, close relatives and friends can park their vehicles.

The mansion’s interior is just as personalized as its exterior. Sliding glass doors open to a space with Sonko family members’ names elegantly engraved on the floor. The vast living room boasts beige leather couches.

The Sonko mansion also features a mausoleum in honour of Kioko Kivanguli, the politician’s father. The room’s walls are adorned with photos of the late Kivanguli and a meeting table with four seats in one corner.

Additionally, the room has a large flat-screen TV for entertainment. It has a basketball court and an ostrich pen.

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Sonko’s estate boasts a range of luxurious amenities, including a gym, swimming pool, conference hall, and a fully stocked bar. These features make the estate an ideal entertainment hub, perfect for hosting guests and throwing parties.

Inside Mike Sonko's Sh. 150 million luxurious Mua Hills family mansion Inside Mike Sonko's Sh. 150 million luxurious Mua Hills family mansion

Sonko also has a dairy farm on the property where he rears several cows and has a stable for horses.

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