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Nairobi Schools ranked most expensive in Africa with fees of upto Sh4.7m, here is the list

The International Schools Database has named Nairobi as the top City with the most expensive international schools in Africa.

In a report released on Wednesday, the publisher revealed that the annual school fees at international schools located in Kenya run up to Ksh4.71 million per year.

Globally, Nairobi ranked 67th, while New York was first. The report further revealed that the median price of school fees in Nairobi is Sh688,000, or USD 5,335 annually.

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“The top 3 most expensive cities are all very close together in terms of median prices for international schools. Nairobi, Johannesburg and Casablanca all have median prices of around Ksh681,000 (USD5,300) per year.”

The findings were based on quotes provided for one student for one full term which excludes one-off costs such as enrollment and application fees.

Most International schools in Nairobi are reserved for students from families with heavy financial muscles, such as politicians, celebrities, and other high-ranking individuals.


However, some students are able to study in these prestigious institutions through scholarships.

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Some of the most expensive schools that offer international curricula in Kenya are:


No School Fees p.a
1 International School of Kenya (ISK) $18,500 – $36,600 (Sh2.5 – 4.9 m) pa
2 Brookhouse School Sh400k – 3.9m pa
3 Peponi School Sh2.8 – 3.8m pa (tuition & boarding)
4 Woodland Star International School $14,880 – 17,490 (Sh 2.0 – 3.2 million)
5 Greensteds International School Sh1.27 – 2.6m pa (tuition & boarding)
6 Hillcrest International School Sh 964.8k – 2,590,800 pa (tuition only)
7 Braeburn School Sh888.3k – 2,395,800 pa (tuition only)
8 The Banda School Sh1.32 – 2.196 pa (tuition only)
9 Rosslyn Academy Sh1.345m ($10k) pa (tuition only)
10 Light International School Sh498k- 2,016,000 pa (tuition only)
11 International French School of Nairobi Sh700k – 2,040,531pa (tuition only)
12 Kenton College Preparatory School Sh1.92 million pa (tuition only)
13 German School Nairobi €8,227 – €13,374 (KES 1.2 – 1.92m) pa (tuition only)
14 St. Christopher’s International School Sh822k – 1.85 million pa (tuition only)
15 Braeside Thika Sh104.7k – 1.344m pa (tuition only)
16 St. Andrews Turi Sh754k – 1,128,000 pa (tuition & boarding)
17 Woodcreek School Sh690k – 2,105,100 pa (tuition only)
18 Crawford International School Sh580,200 – 1,237,500 pa
19 Rusinga School Sh645k – KES 1,060,000 pa (tuition only)
20 The Nairobi Academy Sh294k – 1.188m (tuition only)

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