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KCSE star who traveled 200 kms to thank academic sponsor with mangoes, honey

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Munanie is a former Kenya High student who hails from Ukambani. Her benefactor to the school is the founder and CEO of Affecto Foundation, Mr. Ndungu Nyoro.

Munanie was a beneficiary of the Watoto Wasome Program run by Affecto Foundation. Posting Munanie’s success in the KCSE, Mr. Nyoro gladly expressed how delighted he was at her performance.

Ndungu Nyoro met Munanie through her school principal, before having a chat with both her parents. Nyoro has maintained a good relationship with the family ever since.

“A polite, quiet young lady. She will never interrupt you while talking. She calmly allows you to talk until you are done. Then she puts across her well-structured thoughts and ideas in a convincing way,” he applauded her.

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As a show of gratitude, Munanie traveled nearly 200 kms from Kitui County, Ukambani to Ndungu Nyoro’s office, carrying a sack of mangoes and two liters of honey. Nyoro congratulated the young lady for her good behavior and performance.

“She was coming to say thank you for our many years of friendship and support. Online family, this is your daughter. Time to pass your congratulatory message,” he continued.

Munanie was among the 173,345 candidates who attained the minimum university entry grade and will be proceeding to the University.

“Munanie is preparing to join University later in the year 2023,” Nyoro noted.

Here are some of the comments from the online family:

Ann Nduthu: Congrats young girl and thanks Ndungu Nyoro for your continued support.

Suzy Blsd: Kusema asante ni kitu cha maana sana… Congratulations

Sambi Ady: She looks so focused with life, may God see her through.

Sarah Carey Kinggs: Remembering to say thank you…that is a blessing itself. Congratulations Muunanie.

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