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Two schools sue KNEC over poor KCPE results. See their KCPE marks

Two schools have sued the Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) over poor scores in the just released 2023 KCPE results.

The two schools are Kitengela International School and Set Greenhill Academy. The two schools are being represented by former principal turned lawyer Danstan Omari.

The two schools are seeking orders to bar the start of form one selection until their case is heard and determined.

They argue that should the exercise go on, their children will be disadvantaged and denied their rightful chance to join schools that truly reflect their performance. The two schools have said that the marks their children got do not reflect their true abilities.

In the first instance, Kitengela International School says that its top pupil scored 358 marks out of the possible 500. It’s last candidate scored 182 marks. The school had a mean score of 321.61 marks.

At Set Greenhill Academy, the mean score for the candidates who sat for the exams was 329.77 marks.

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Kitengela International School also scored poor marks in the 2022 KCPE examinations. In the 2021 examinations, though, the school had produced the third best candidate nationally. The candidate was Shantel Mueti Ndinda who scored 426 marks out of the possible 500 marks.

On Sunday, parents of Kitengela International School stormed the offices of the KNEC demanding for a remarking.

“We truly believe that those do not reflect the abilities of our kids, we are 100 per cent sure those are not our results. It can’t be that a school that has been number 1 in the country for the last three years all of a sudden in two years’ time we don’t have top performers,” one of the parents who was identified as Samuel Nderitu said.

Another parent who identified as Claudia Okumu said; “To me as a parent representing the parents, I believe that this is a sincere injustice to the children of Kitengela International as indicated here and also to the children of other schools in this nation.”

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