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A Focus on Life Bila Noma and Why Personal Accident Insurance Cover Should Be a Priority in Every Household

Accidents are inevitable and are part of our day-to-day lives from childhood to the golden ages. While children are the most prone to accidents because of their lack of sense of danger, adults also often find themselves in serious accidents.

Falls account for the majority of non-fatal accidents among kids and adults. Other accidents can include road accidents, cuts, whips, and breakages, among others.

Some accidents can lead to serious injuries that can lead to long-term disability. This call for financial backup should the unexpected happen, as hospital bills can add up to a hefty amount.

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Hospital bills aren’t the only concern. In some cases, you might need reconstructive surgery or mobility aid, and physical therapy, all of which are expensive without a good personal accident cover.

Get Insurance cover from as low as Ksh. 200 with Telkom’s Life Bila Noma

If you suffer from permanent disablement due to an accidental injury, the cost of caring for you would potentially be much higher and could place a financial strain on your family.


Having a Personal Accident plan which pays a lump sum cash benefit upon permanent disablement due to an accidental injury, can help to provide some financial support.

Various organizations have rolled out products to get their customers covered in case of unfortunate events. A good example of such a product is the Life Bila Noma product by Telkom Kenya.

What is Life Bila Noma

Life Bila Noma is a bundle that gives you data, minutes, SMS, and peace of mind with up to 20,000KES of personal accident cover from Britam.


Customers can subscribe to this product by dialing *444# and selecting Life Bila Noma. They will be required to pay Sh 200 monthly for personal accident cover of up to Sh20,000 and a last expense of Sh 50,000.

Insurance covers are to cushion you from the unexpected

A customer will also get 1GB of data, 25 minutes on any network, 100 on-net minutes, ad 25 SMS valid for 30 days. To check the balance, dial *144#.

The cover becomes active within 24 hours after the purchase of bundles and is accepted in over 400 hospitals across the country.

Everyone is eligible, provided they are over 18 years old. Life Bila Noma insurance does not cover people below 18 years and those above 70 years.

According to Telkom Kenya, Life Bila Noma does not cover some lifestyle accidents, which include Aqualung diving, rugby, boxing, climbing, and mountaineering necessitating ropes or guides, parachuting, polo, power boating, motor competitions, and show jumping.

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