Thursday, September 28, 2023

Teresiah Kimani: How I used Sh. 10,000 waitress salary to build my mom a house

Teresiah Kimani, a woman from Murang’a has plastered a smile on her mother’s face after building her a permanent beautiful home in Murang’a county.

She says that it has been a lifelong childhood dream to uplift her mother from a shanty to a beautiful permanent home. The mother of three acknowledges that building the home was no mean feat as it took strong willpower, patience and financial discipline.

Teresiah recalls that growing up, she and her siblings were raised in forlorn poverty. Her neighbors would always scoff at their family due to their impoverished state.

“I was the sixth-born, and I was actually the only one who made it to high school but I dropped out at Form One due to lack of fees. I then got married at a very young age,” she said.

She went on to have three kids with the man she got married to. However, the marriage did not work out, forcing her to call it quits on the relationship.

Teresiah moved to Nairobi from Murang’a, in search of a job to support and feed her three children. In 2019, she landed a waitress job that would pay her a monthly sum of Sh. 10,000.

With this, she figured it would be enough to build her dear mother a permanent decent home where she would stay in her old age.

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“I started saving the tips from the job. I started purchasing building materials. I would use every coin I got to build the house and it took me three years,” she happily says.

“I had to hide to cover my mother’s shame as we had become a subject of ridicule in the village, but God helped me,” says Teresiah.

She now looks forward to raising funds to build her own place in due time, where she will be living with her three children.

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