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Explainer: Simple Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet

Article written by Micah Kibera, a certified nutritionist. 

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle and Diet: City life is fast becoming one of fast-paced movements weaving through the towering office buildings. Millions exchange greetings and culture, opening them to new seas of opportunities.

But every yin has yang, and with the modern way of life comes the challenge of maintaining overall wellness. What tips can we employ to keep up with the ever-changing urban culture we call our present life?

Mama Ntilie!

The best source of freshly made meals with known ingredients is a little restaurant known as Your Kitchen. Eat home, and avoid numerous food-borne issues.

Do not get me wrong, eating out is good for the senses once in a while, but keep it way less than 30% of your total meal intake.

Flexitarian diet

How low can you go! Now, there is nothing like an ‘all for one’ food source; they have varying levels, and indulging in them might be more beneficial than strictly omitting one group.

Kienyeji Pro-Max

In short, the less preservative you consume, the better. Also, serve more greens on your plate. Your future self will appreciate that investment. Snack on a fruit, get that all-natural sugar source with fibre, and make your pancreas smile.

Kanyaga Kubwa Kubwa!

Need to get from downtown to uptown, and time is not an issue; walk it out. Every step you take makes your body rethink its weight. It will balance itself to keep you moving.

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Netflix Yoga/Exercise

Did you know Netflix has a fitness section in their viewable programs, sessions moderated by vetted Nike Trainer? Just search ‘fitness’ and select your preferred program; it’s a remote click away.

For those who may not have Netflix try low-intensity high reps like yoga, and other cardiovascular workouts such as Bicycle riding (if your joints are okay), shadow boxing and punching bag, among others.

Bamba Waba!

Stay hydrated, water literally makes up about 60% of your blood volume. It also makes a good component of skincare routine.

Squad up!

As humans, we were made to be social beings, no one is an Island. Keep your family, friends, and crew close. It’s good for your physical health and mental strength.

Hustle is real and crucial to our existence, but also make sure you have a healthy body to enjoy the sweat once – hustle imejipa!

About the Author

Micah Kibera, Certified Clinical Nutritionist | Clinical Exercise Specialist | Founder of Meta-Better - Bizna Kenya
Micah Kibera, Certified Clinical Nutritionist | Clinical Exercise Specialist | Founder of Meta-Better – Bizna Kenya

Micah Kibera is a passionate Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Clinical Exercise Specialist, dedicated to guiding individuals toward optimal health and well-being. As the proud founder of Meta-Better, I am committed to merging the realms of nutrition and physical activity for a holistic approach to vitality.

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