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What teachers will now need to be promoted to head schools

TSC Appraisal Guidelines: BY DAILY NATION: The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) has issued guidelines on how performance appraisal and contracting for heads of institutions will be conducted this year.

The more than 312,000 teachers and heads of institutions will each vie for a maximum score of 100 percent.

Teachers will be appraised on current personal timetable, syllabi for the teaching subjects, approved schemes of work, updated lesson plans, updated lesson notes, records of work checked weekly, mark book indicating pre-set target subject score, learners’ progress or value added records (assessment analysis continuous assessment tests), subject analysis for the national exams and marked or checked learners’ work exercise books.

What teachers will now need to be promoted to head schools

Others are daily class or lesson attendances register, co-curricular activity records, learners’ discipline management and guidance and counselling records, copies of subject or departmental meeting minutes, teacher performance appraisal and development records, individualised educational programmes, professional development activities, lesson observation records, activities with stakeholders, integration of ICT in teaching or learning and preparation of teaching aids using locally available resource materials. Each of these 20 aspects has five marks.

The issues will be used to assess if every teacher has complied with the teaching performance standards.

“The listed records must be prepared, used, updated and maintained at all times, it is upon these that the teacher will be rated. The head of institution must ensure that this checklist is marked monthly by the immediate supervisor,” the guidelines stipulate.

Principals also have parameters that their performance will be measured against, among them corruption prevention.

On corruption prevention, principals will be expected to teach students and staff the effects or dangers of engaging in corrupt practices, including examination malpractices and bribery.

The aim is to reduce vulnerability to fraudulent acts and provide channels or forums to abate corruption by introducing open barazas and suggestion boxes.

“The principal is expected to put in place mechanisms to mitigate against technological and environmental hazards, terrorism and radicalisation, fire and natural disasters et cetera. Adhere to the requirements of the Ministry of Education safety standards Manual for Schools in Kenya (2008),” the document reads.

The principal is the lead educator and administrator in the school and will be required to manage operations and resources in an effective and accountable manner, so as to raise the standards of learning and teaching and improve on outcomes.

The principal is expected to ensure safe and conducive learning environment; assign teaching and other official duties; update stakeholders on performance; offer technical advice to the Board of Management and other stakeholders to enable the school meet its objectives; and ensure proper management and maintenance of the school resources and records.

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