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Areas where you can buy land for Ksh 1M or less

By Jane Muia

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Areas where you can buy land for Ksh 1M or less

Land ownership is undoubtedly one of the best types of investments in Kenya, as land prices appreciate every day. In fact, no investment is sweeter than land as it does not have depreciating value. This is because the land can’t be destroyed, moved, or affected negatively under any circumstance.

While land investments are good for investors, they sometimes become a headache for buyers who want cheap plots for either construction or agricultural development. So where can you buy cheap land in Kenya?

Areas along Kangundo Road

Major areas along Kangundo Road are hotspots for cheap land. They include Joska, Kamulu, Malaa, Tala, and Koma. These areas are sparsely populated owing to their semi-arid nature. Still, experts projects increased prices of land in the coming years as demand for housing outside Nairobi continues to surge.

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The area boasts good infrastructure, social amenities, increasing residential developments, and overall growth. The area is less than an hour’s drive from Nairobi CBD hence ideal for residential purposes.

Prices range between Ksh. 250,000-500,000, depending on the area.


Located in Kajiado county, Kitengela has recently become a favourite site for the middle class to construct homes. Besides its proximity to Nairobi, Kitengela boasts of very many industries and factories. The area is attracting property investors and individual land buyers, with land prices in the area expected to balloon in the coming years.

Prime plots in Kitengela start from as low as Ksh 250,000.


Whether you want land for residential home construction or commercial purposes, Juja is a perfect place for you. The area is barely one hour drive from Nairobi CBD. It also gives proximity to an additional town (Thika).

Depending on the area, you can buy land for as low as Ksh 650,000 in Juja.

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Athi River

Located along Mombasa road in Machakos county, Athi river is one area that has recently recorded exponential growth in real estate developments. According to Cytonn Investments, the town’s rapid growth has been triggered by various factors, including improved infrastructural development.

The Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) train station is based in the town. The town also hosts the Export processing zone (EPZ) and several factories in the construction industries, including Mabati rolling mills, Bamburi cement, Mombasa cement, blue triangle cement, Doshi steel, Kapa Oil refineries, and ARM cement, among others.

It is also barely one hour’s drive from the city’s Central Business District (CBD), attracting many city workers seeking classy, affordable houses. The area is increasing the appetite for investors with some good money to build fancy-looking estates for the middle-income group.

Buy land for as low as Ksh 550,000 in the Athi River area.

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Matuu town is located along the Thika-Garissa highway in Yatta Constituency, Machakos county. Many investors are rushing to the area to acquire cheap lands for commercial and agricultural purposes.

According to a report from the Ministry of Lands, Machakos county had the highest number of title deed transfers in 2020. The majority of these title deeds were from Matuu town and its outskirt.

This town is set to benefit from expanding the vital Thika Garissa road, highlighting a positive knock-on effect on transport and business sectors.

To buy land in the area your budget can be as low as Ksh 200,000 depending on the area, meaning if you go deeper, you will buy cheaper.

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