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Ken Njoroge: Success depends on how well you understand yourself

Ken Njoroge, CEO of Cellulant, shares entrepreneurial advice for entrepreneurs in the audio file below.

The Kenyan businessman’s advice to young entrepreneurs is to spend time finding clarity on why they’re involved in a particular venture and where they want to take it.

“Invest a lot in the ‘why’ – figuring out why you’ve chosen the business you’ve chosen… [and] where you want it to go. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer… but it is important to know… why that goal is important, why you must succeed in it, and where it fits into your overall picture.”

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Njoroge is the founder and CEO of Cellulant, a Nairobi-based mobile commerce company operating a payments ecosystem.

He says most of the operational skills of running a business can be learnt or hired, “but the ‘why’ thing is internal to the entrepreneur’s motivation [and] his emotional balance.”

“Your probability of succeeding will really depend on how well you understand [yourself]. That is my hard belief. So just know [yourself] deeply.”


Listen to the full interview through the media player below;

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