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In Photos: President Uhuru’s Mercedes-Benz Pullman S600 Guard

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In recent times, President Uhuru Kenyatta has been regularly riding around in a Mercedes Benz Maybach Pullman S600 Guard. This car is categorized among the most expensive cars assigned to most powerful presidents in the world.

Pullman S600 Guard

The German machine is 21.3 feet long, usually black in colour. The car is a preserve of dignitaries, royals and heads of state. In Kenya, only the President is allowed to use it.

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Pullman has V12 biturbo engine.It is 1,598 millimetres in height, and more than 100 millimetres higher than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, resulting in a tangible increase in headroom.

Pullman S600 Guard

Uhuru’s car is armoured, meaning that ordinary bullet cannot penetrate, even at close range. The car can be driven and negotiate a corner at 180kph without overturning. It can also withstand the effect of tire bust even at electric speed.

Mercedes-Maybach S 600 Pullman Guard provides complete protection of protection class VR9 (in transparent and non-transparent areas) and is certified for blast resistance in accordance with Directive ERV 2010.

Pullman S600 Guard

More specifically, that means overall protection up to the VR9 protection class standard (including glass areas) and blast resistance that meets Directive ERV 2010 requirements. Translation: It takes a lot of firepower to bust through the reinforced body structure and laminated, polycarbonate-coated windows.

A brand new Mercedes-Maybach S600 costs Ksh100 million ($1million) without including local Government taxes that can amount to 60-70% of the indicated value.
Pullman S600 Guard

In what would be mistaken for a show of might, photos of the sleek ride that Uhuru cruises around in since last year have been doings rounds on social media a lot more lately.


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