Thursday, May 26, 2022

Turn Defeat into Success

Turn Defeat into Success

Janice approached me at the end of 2019 after losing a large amount of money in her business. It was about 8 months of running that particular business. In that period, she had lost a total of Ksh.400,000 trying to resuscitate the business.

Janice had been working abroad for several years to save capital for her business. After all that struggle, it was very frustrating to see the hard earned money going to drain.

After a long conversation, I was eager to know about her plans. The only answer she had was, “I am fed up with life.” I don’t think money means life but it answers most human problems if not all.

With such a broken heart, I was hesitant to tell her to start something new. However, that’s the only thing that would keep her busy and help in overcoming her distress.

So, I asked her to join our team of trainees. She accepted reluctantly but I was very impressed by her commitment. Within the two weeks, she was ready for the market.

…as we speak, she has zealously managed to get well paying clients who pay her very well.

Turn Defeat into Success - Bizna
Turn Defeat into Success – Bizna

What’s my point?

You might have failed 10x, 7x, 4x or whichever number of times. However, failure is not a death sentence, that’s not the end of success.

Never say die. Also, don’t be so tied to your past failures. Instead, think of how you can still rise. Raise your bar higher every day and speak success to your life.

Think about this: before COVID-19, there was still failure and success. During the disease, the same thing is happening. In whichever area you are in, don’t let the effects of the disease destroy you. Invent a way out! In 10 years time, it will be wise to say, “COVID -19 influenced me to start this or that, see where I am.” IT ALL STARTS IN THE MIND, THINK ABOUT IT NOW.

At Luminous Writers, we are geared to success. We understand that the digital world is very effective and beneficial to livelihoods if it’s utilized to the maximum. It is no longer difficult to own a business, an organization or a company in this era.

The process is easy, cost friendly and sustainable. If you embrace it, it will crown you. Thus, we are inviting a very ambitious team of trainees to register with us this now. Even though we love you so much, you are the only person to make the decision to ‘WIN.’ Break the LIMITATIONS, start your success journey.

Registration Process

Note that you register by visiting the website:, read through it, after understanding each detail, click register.

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